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About us

Consulting company BUSINESS FORMAT - is your reliable adviser in questions of planning and realization of investment projects, gathering of the information on the market, potential clients and competitors.

The wide range of services


Currently, company "BUSINESS FORMAT" renders following services:

  • marketing research and surveys
  • individual business plans and feasibility studies
  • Attracting investments for projects financing
  • Fundamental due dil of investment projects
  • information gathering, formation of databases, carrying out of their express-analysis

Consulting approach

Our databases system and communications allows to prepare consulting and marketing projects practically in any part of the world.

We constantly improve the products and follow the advanced and innovative approaches to financial forecasting and marketing researches.


  More than 10 years we have been working on the market of consulting services of Ukraine. We developed and supported more than hundred projects in sphere of building, energy, medicine, consumer goods, production, wholesale and retail, insurance, bank products and others.

Thanks to the flexible price policy our clients are both large holdings and SMEs (small and medium enterprices). We always try to provide an individual approach to service delivery and maintain connection with clients after the termination of the project. After all the main our purpose is your repeated application.

We have worked out BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLES and MARKETING SURVEYS for those clients who wants to develop independently the business plan or conduct marketing research. Besides, you can always order actualization of marketing research or business plan for the minimum payment.

Business plan samples

Oil wholesale
Building technics purchase

Market surveys

Survey of tights market
Survey of aluminum ware market

Private Consulting Company BUSINESS FORMAT

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