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Agricultural news

At year-end 2013 Ukraine has retained the leading position in the world sunflower oil market, supplying about 5.7 million tons of this product abroad. Thus, Ukraine exports a half of world sunflower oil, that is why the industry leader status is equivalent to the global. Today the export leaders are LLC "Kernel", PJSC "Creative" and LLC "AO Cargill."

Bioenergy news

During the first 10 months of 2013 the volume of Ukrainian green electricity production has increased to 1 172.3 million kW / h, by 50.2% more than the last year results. The generation of electricity from biomass is the most promising segment due to rich resource potential of the country. But it does not take more than 2% of the total green energy balance.

IT-industry news

Ukrainian IT-industry 2013 market volume is estimated at $ 3.6 billion. Today it is one of the most promising in Eastern Europe. The largest segment of the market is hardware, but the most promising one is IT-outsourcing services. Hence the country is experiencing shortage of IT-specialists. At the beginning of 2013 there were estimated at about 250 thousand people.

Medical news

In 2013 health insurance market of Ukraine showed a good increase by 20%. The most important segment of the market is the corporate business. Experts point on the decline of companies willingness to increase the cost on this type of insurance, which may negatively affect the performance of the market in the nearest future.

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